Schneider Lisse GGBL4050 50A White Cooker Connection Unit

Schneider Lisse GGBL4050 50A White Cooker Connection Unit

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  • Schneider Lisse GGBL4050 50A White Cooker Connection Unit
  • Schneider Lisse 1 gang cooker outlet, in white moulded, rated at 45A 230V
  • This range offers you the perfect blend of style, being smooth with modern lines and with screw cap covers to create an elegance that will compliment any project
  • Lisse is packed with an array of technical features, providing a high quality, reliability,value and antimicrobial properties
  • Lisse white moulded offers solutions from residental to commercial offices
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The Schneider Lisse GGBL4050 50A White Cooker Connection Unit is specifically designed for connecting and controlling electric cookers or ovens. It provides a safe and convenient solution for powering and isolating cooking appliances. Here are the features and benefits of this specific cooker connection unit:

50A Rated Current: The cooker connection unit is rated for a maximum current of 50A, making it suitable for high-power cooking appliances. It can handle the electrical load requirements of most electric cookers and ovens.

Safe and Reliable Power Connection: The unit ensures a secure and reliable connection between the electrical supply and the cooker. It provides a dedicated connection point that is specifically designed for cookers, minimizing the risk of loose or unreliable connections.

Integrated Switch: The connection unit features an integrated switch that allows for easy isolation of the cooker from the electrical supply. This provides an added layer of safety, enabling the user to turn off the power to the cooker when not in use or during maintenance.

White Finish: The unit features a white finish that blends well with various kitchen designs and aesthetics. Its clean and modern appearance adds a sleek and polished look to the cooking area.

Durable Construction: Schneider is known for manufacturing high-quality electrical products, and the Lisse GGBL4050 is built to be durable and long-lasting. It is designed to withstand the demands of everyday use in a kitchen environment.

Easy Installation: The cooker connection unit is designed for straightforward installation. It can be mounted on a suitable surface, following standard electrical installation practices. Its compatibility with standard wiring configurations simplifies the installation process.

Compliance and Safety: Schneider ensures that the Lisse GGBL4050 cooker connection unit complies with relevant safety standards and regulations. It undergoes testing to meet the necessary requirements for safe and reliable electrical operation.

Cable Entry Points: The unit provides multiple cable entry points to accommodate different cable sizes and configurations. This allows for flexibility in wiring the unit according to the specific electrical setup of the cooker.

Versatile Application: The cooker connection unit is suitable for both residential and commercial kitchens. It can be used in various settings, including homes, restaurants, and other food establishments that utilize electric cooking appliances.

Quality Assurance: Schneider is a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality and reliability. The Lisse GGBL4050 cooker connection unit is built to meet high standards, ensuring performance and longevity.


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Urea (carbamide)
BS 5733