Winter-proof your home with our home maintenance checklist

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Winter maintenance checklist

The weather has drastically changed over the last week or so... it is apparent that Winter is just around the corner! Therefore, now is the time to go through our home maintenance checklist and make sure that you winter-proof your home. 

  • If you have an open fire or log burner now is the time to get your chimney or flu swept. 
  • If you have a flat roof for damage and any sitting water. 
  • Bleed radiators so they work effectively in heating your home. 
  • Have your boiler serviced to ensure that it will work throughout Winter. 
  • Clean and store away your garden furniture. 
  • Once the leaves have dropped, clear your gutter and drainage holes. At the same time make sure all pipes are securely fixed to walls. 
  • Clear leaves and debris that has gathered around your external walls to prevent any risk of damp. 
  • Make sure there is a least 150mm clearance between your damp proof course and the ground. 
  • Prevent external pipes from freezing and bursting over winter by insulating them. 
  • As the dark nights draw in make sure any security lights are working. If you don't have any, consider getting some installed to make your home more secure. We have a a wide range of flood lighting, security lighting and external lighting
  • Make sure that any outbuildings, sheds and garages are locked. 

There are also some monthly essentials that over the winter months you should do regularly. 

  • Check your boiler pressure
  • Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors - remember to stay safe your alarms should be installed in rooms that you use the most. 
  • Remove fluff from your tumble dryer 
  • Top up salt and rinse aid in your dishwasher 
  • Submit your gas and electric meter readings to avoid unexpected bills 
  • Do a little garden maintenance to keep it under control and neat throughout winter 
  • Where possible repair as you go 

When the nights draw in and the darkness falls you become all the more aware of the security of your home, if you are looking for more tips and things to consider check out our 'How to protect your home' article. is an online electrical wholesaler that stocks all manner of electrical products for both commercial and domestic use. Working with quality brands like Hispec, Aico, Knightsbridge, Robus, Ansell and QVIS to name a few ensures that we are offering our customers the very best products for their requirements. If you are looking for something specific? Our team are always happy to help out with sourcing products for you should you be looking for something that you can't find on our website please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you. 

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