Contactum CPB50 50A Single Pole MCB Type B 6kA Contactum - 1

Contactum CPB50 50A Single Pole MCB Type B 6kA

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  • Contactum CPB50 50A Single Pole MCB Type B 6kA
  • Amps:50A
  • kA Rating:6
  • Single Pole
  • Type:B
  • Terminal capacity:35mm
  • certification:BS EN 60898
  • Voltage:220-250V
  • Contactum MCBs are designed to detect both overloading and fault currents
  • The MCB will action and break the supply to prevent further damage to the installation
  • Contactum devices are all built tested to international, national quality control
  • Colour coded switches allow quick identification of ratings
  • Window on the device indicates on (Red) and off (Green)
  • For Use with Defender Consumer units
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The Contactum CPB50 50A Single Pole MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) Type B 6kA is a specific circuit protection device designed for electrical distribution systems. Here are some potential features and benefits of this MCB:


Single Pole: The MCB is designed with a single pole configuration, allowing for protection of individual circuits.

Current Rating: The CPB50 has a current rating of 50A, indicating its capacity to handle electrical currents up to 50 Amperes.

Type B Curve: The MCB is classified as a Type B curve, which means it provides protection against overcurrents and short circuits that have a mix of resistive and inductive loads.

6kA Breaking Capacity: The MCB is rated with a 6kA breaking capacity, meaning it can interrupt fault currents up to 6 kilo-Amperes.

Compact Size: The MCB is designed to be compact and space-saving, allowing for easy installation in electrical distribution panels or consumer units.

DIN Rail Mounting: The MCB is typically designed for DIN rail mounting, providing a secure and standardized method of installation.

Calibration Screw: Some MCB models may include a calibration screw, allowing for adjustment of the trip current if needed.


Circuit Protection: The CPB50 MCB offers protection against overcurrents and short circuits, preventing damage to electrical circuits and equipment.

Safety: By promptly tripping and disconnecting the circuit in the event of a fault, the MCB enhances electrical safety by reducing the risk of fire or electric shock.

Flexibility: The MCB's Type B curve allows it to handle a wide range of loads, including both resistive and inductive loads, making it suitable for various applications.

Reliable Performance: The MCB's high breaking capacity ensures its ability to interrupt fault currents effectively, maintaining the integrity of the electrical system.

Ease of Installation: The compact size and DIN rail mounting feature simplify the installation process, allowing for efficient integration into electrical panels or consumer units.

Adjustability: The presence of a calibration screw provides the flexibility to fine-tune the trip current according to specific requirements.


Data sheet

kA Rating
Terminal capacity
BS EN 60898