Schneider Lisse GGBL102W 10A 2 Way Grid Switch

Schneider Lisse GGBL102W 10A 2 Way Grid Switch

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  • Schneider Lisse GGBL102W 10A 2 Way Grid Switch
  • Schneider Lisse 2 way grid switch, in white moulded, rated at 10A 230V
  • This range offers you the perfect blend of style, being smooth with modern lines and with screw cap covers to create an elegance that will compliment any project
  • Lisse is packed with an array of technical features, providing a high quality, reliability, value and antimicrobial properties
  • Lisse white moulded offers solutions from residential to commercial offices
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The Schneider Lisse GGBL102W 10A 2 Way Grid Switch is a modular electrical switch designed for use in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. It offers flexibility and convenience in controlling electrical circuits. Here are the features and benefits of this specific grid switch:

Modular Design: The Lisse GGBL102W is part of a modular switch range, allowing for customization and flexibility. It can be combined with other modules in the Lisse range to create a personalized switch setup according to specific requirements.

10A Rated Current: The grid switch is rated for a maximum current of 10A, making it suitable for controlling various lighting and electrical circuits in homes, offices, or commercial spaces. It can handle typical lighting loads and other low-power applications.

2-Way Switching: The grid switch supports 2-way switching, enabling control of a circuit from two different switch points. This is useful for controlling a single circuit from multiple locations, providing convenience and flexibility in lighting control.

White Finish: The GGBL102W features a white finish that blends well with various interior designs and aesthetics. Its clean and modern appearance complements different décor styles.

Easy Installation: The grid switch is designed for straightforward installation, fitting into standard grid plates or modules. It follows a standardized format, making it compatible with other modules and accessories in the Lisse range.

Durability and Reliability: Schneider is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality electrical devices. The Lisse GGBL102W grid switch is built to withstand everyday use, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Compatibility: The grid switch is compatible with standard electrical systems and wiring configurations. It can be used with common wiring setups, making it easy to integrate into existing installations or new projects.

Compliance: The Schneider Lisse GGBL102W grid switch complies with relevant safety standards and regulations, ensuring it meets the necessary requirements for safe electrical operation.

Versatile Application: The grid switch is suitable for various applications, including residential homes, offices, hotels, and commercial buildings. It provides control over lighting circuits, allowing for convenient and efficient operation.

Interchangeable Modules: The modular design of the Lisse range allows for easy replacement or upgrading of individual modules. This means that if specific requirements change or additional functionalities are needed, only the relevant module needs to be replaced, reducing costs and effort.


Data sheet

IP Rating
Urea (carbamide)
BS EN 60669-1