Blauberg DECOR155X155/100SWHITE 100mm/4" White Fixed Louvred Grille/Outside Vent

Blauberg DECOR155X155/100SWHITE 100mm/4" White Fixed Louvred Grille/Outside Vent

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  • Blauberg DECOR155X155/100SWHITE 100mm/4" White Fixed Louvred Grille/Outside Vent
  • 100mm 4" duct connection size.
  • Weatherproof louvred external wall mounted grille vent.
  • Finished in white.
  • Ideal for roof soffit or wall fascia mounting.
  • Insect screen / fly mesh included.
  • Removable blades for easy cleaning.An essential part of a ventilation system is to terminate any extractor fan, cooker hood or duct to an external wall.
  • This Blauberg Decor fixed blade rain and weatherproof louvre is finished in white.
  • This size has a 100mm 4" diameter duct or extractor fan connectio, simply use a short piece of duct or a telescopic wall sleeve together.
  • Each Decor wall vent is fitted with an insect mesh / fly screen and has a removable core for easy installation and cleaning.
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Here are the features and benefits of the Blauberg DECOR155X155/100SWHITE 100mm/4" White Fixed Louvred Grille/Outside Vent:


Fixed Louvred Grille: The grille features a fixed louvre design, which helps to control the airflow while preventing the entry of debris, insects, and other unwanted elements.

100mm/4" Size: The grille is designed to fit a 100mm/4" ventilation system. This size makes it compatible with standard ventilation ducts and allows for efficient air circulation.

White Finish: The grille comes in a white finish, which offers a clean and discreet look that blends well with most interior or exterior settings. It adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to the ventilation system.

Durable Construction: The Blauberg DECOR155X155/100SWHITE grille is made from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand regular use and maintain its performance over time.

Easy Installation: The grille is designed for easy installation, allowing for hassle-free integration into the ventilation system. It typically includes mounting hardware or clips for secure attachment.


Efficient Airflow Control: The fixed louvre design of the grille helps to regulate the airflow within the ventilation system, ensuring proper ventilation and preventing the obstruction of air pathways.

Protection against Debris and Pests: The grille acts as a barrier, preventing the entry of debris, leaves, insects, and other small animals into the ventilation system. This helps maintain clean and hygienic indoor air quality.

Improved Aesthetics: The white finish of the grille provides an attractive and polished appearance, enhancing the overall look of the ventilation system and complementing the surrounding décor.

Long-lasting Performance: The durable construction of the grille ensures its longevity, allowing it to withstand continuous use without deteriorating or requiring frequent replacement.

Versatile Application: The Blauberg DECOR155X155/100SWHITE grille can be used for both indoor and outdoor ventilation systems, making it suitable for various residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Compatibility: The 100mm/4" size of the grille makes it compatible with standard ventilation ducts, enabling easy integration into existing or new ventilation systems without the need for extensive modifications.


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