Blauberg CALM100S 100mm/4" Pullcord White Extractor Fan

Blauberg CALM100S 100mm/4" Pullcord White Extractor Fan

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  • Blauberg CALM100S 100mm/4" Pullcord White Extractor Fan
  • The fitted shutter ensures that back draughts are kept to a minimum when the fan is not in use without the need for an external shutter or draught excluder
  • German engineered design with anti-vibration mounts ensures low noise, only 25 dB(A) sound level.
  • Rated to IP45 and suitable for mounting in bathroom zones 1 & 2.
  • Mixed flow impeller blade design enables longer duct runs to be used.
  • 100mm, 4" diameter duct connection.
  • An impressive 97 m3/hour extract airflow rate 27 l/s.
  • Fitted with an anti-back draft shutter.
  • Supplied with a buil-in pull cord and requires simple live and neutral electrical connections.
  • Fitted with a German Blauberg motor and backed with a 5 year warranty.
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • If the run on timer is not required, a short link can be made from L to LT terminals.
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Features of Blauberg CALM100S 100mm/4" Pullcord White Extractor Fan:

Size: The CALM100S extractor fan has a diameter of 100mm (4 inches), making it suitable for standard ventilation applications.

Pullcord Operation: The fan is equipped with a pullcord switch, allowing for easy manual control of the fan operation.

White Design: The fan features a clean and simple white design, blending seamlessly with most interior decors.

Efficient Extraction: The fan is designed to provide effective extraction of air, removing moisture, odors, and pollutants from the environment.

Quiet Operation: The CALM100S operates quietly, minimizing noise disruptions in the surrounding area.

Benefits of Blauberg CALM100S 100mm/4" Pullcord White Extractor Fan:

Improved Indoor Air Quality: The extractor fan helps to maintain good indoor air quality by removing excess moisture, preventing mold and mildew growth, and reducing odors.

Convenient Operation: The pullcord switch allows for easy manual control of the fan, providing convenience and flexibility in operating the ventilation.

Comfort and Well-being: The efficient extraction of air helps to create a more comfortable and pleasant living environment by reducing humidity and eliminating unwanted odors.

Versatile Application: The extractor fan can be used in various settings, such as bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, and other areas requiring ventilation and air extraction.

Reliable Performance: Blauberg is a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-quality ventilation products, ensuring durability and reliable performance over time.

Overall, the Blauberg CALM100S 100mm/4" Pullcord White Extractor Fan offers efficient and convenient ventilation. Its ability to improve indoor air quality, easy pullcord operation, quiet operation, and reliable performance make it a practical choice for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment in residential and commercial spaces.


Data sheet

IP Rating
Extractor Type
Mixed Flow
Fan Size Diameter
100mm (4")
Maximum Airflow Rate(Litres per second)
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/hour)
Energy Rating