ELD EM-LED-CONKIT Emergency conversion pack for LED products-1

ELD EM-LED-CONKIT Emergency conversion pack for LED products

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6.4v 1500mAh LifePO4 battery 

Voltage output 9-80V DC 

3W Max output

Discharge current 30-70mA

Charging current 100mA


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The ELD EM-LED-CONKIT Emergency Conversion Pack is a specific product designed to provide emergency lighting functionality to LED products. Here are some potential features and benefits of this emergency conversion pack:


Compatibility: The EM-LED-CONKIT is designed to be compatible with a wide range of LED products, allowing for easy integration and emergency lighting conversion.

Emergency Operation: The conversion pack enables LED products to operate in emergency mode during power outages or failures, providing illumination when the main power supply is disrupted.

Battery Backup: The kit includes a built-in rechargeable battery that automatically activates during emergencies, allowing the LED product to continue functioning for a specified duration.

Adjustable Run Time: The pack typically allows for adjustable run times, providing flexibility to customize the emergency lighting duration based on specific requirements.

Compact Design: The conversion pack features a compact and space-saving design, allowing for easy installation and integration into LED luminaires or fixtures.

Easy Installation: The kit is designed for simple and straightforward installation, with clear instructions and minimal wiring required.

Self-Testing: Some models may include self-testing capabilities, where the conversion pack periodically tests its battery and charging system to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Emergency Lighting Functionality: The EM-LED-CONKIT enables LED products to serve as emergency lights, ensuring visibility and safety during power outages or emergencies.

Compliance with Safety Regulations: By adding emergency lighting functionality, LED products equipped with the conversion pack can meet relevant safety regulations and requirements for emergency lighting installations.

Cost Savings: Instead of installing separate emergency lighting fixtures, the conversion pack allows existing LED products to serve dual purposes, potentially saving installation and maintenance costs.

Enhanced Safety and Security: The availability of emergency lighting improves the safety and security of occupants by providing illumination during critical situations.

Energy Efficiency: LED technology combined with the conversion pack's energy-efficient operation ensures optimal energy usage during emergency lighting mode, minimizing energy consumption and operating costs.

Peace of Mind: The reliable operation and self-testing features of some models offer peace of mind, knowing that the emergency conversion pack is functioning properly and ready for use when needed.

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