Contactum CPBM1 Three Phase 1 Pole MCB Blank

Contactum CPBM1 Three Phase 1 Pole MCB Blank

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  • Contactum CPBM1 Three Phase Only
  • 1 Module MCB Blank
  • For use with Defender TP&N Distribution Boards.
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The Contactum CPBM1 Single MCB Blank Module, specifically the type DDB, is designed to be used in electrical distribution boards or consumer units. Here are the general features and benefits of this blank module:


Single MCB Blank: The module is designed to accommodate a single miniature circuit breaker (MCB) or similar device.

Modular Design: It follows a modular design, allowing for easy installation and customization within the distribution board.

DDB Type: The DDB (Double Din Blank) type implies that the module occupies two standard DIN rail slots within the distribution board.

Quality Construction: Contactum products are known for their durable and reliable construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Flexibility: The blank module provides flexibility in the arrangement and configuration of the distribution board. It allows for easy customization by adding or removing specific circuit protection devices as needed.

Expansion Capabilities: By using a blank module, you have the option to expand and add MCBs or other devices at a later stage, accommodating changes in electrical circuits or requirements.

Professional Appearance: The module helps maintain a neat and organized appearance within the distribution board, providing a professional and visually appealing installation.

Compatibility: As a part of the Contactum range, the module is designed to be compatible with other Contactum products, ensuring seamless integration within their system.