Contactum CPBR0632B 32A Single Pole RCBO Type B 30mA 6kA Contactum - 1

Contactum CCPBR0632AB 32A Single Pole RCBO Type B 30mA 6kA

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  • Contactum CCPBR0632AB 32A Single Pole RCBO Type B 30mA 6kA
  • Amps:32A
  • kA Rating:6
  • Single Pole
  • Type:B
  • Terminal capacity:16mm
  • certification:BS EN 61009
  • Voltage:220-250V
  • Milliamp:30mA
  • Contactum devices are all built tested to international, national quality control
  • Window on the device indicates on (Red) and off (Green)
  • For Use with Defender Consumer units
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The Contactum CCPBR0632AB 32A Single Pole RCBO Type B 30mA 6kA is an electrical protection device designed to provide overcurrent protection and residual current protection in a single unit. Here are the features and benefits of this product:


32A Rated Current: The RCBO is rated for a maximum current of 32A, making it suitable for protecting electrical circuits with higher current loads.

Single Pole: The RCBO is a single pole device, providing protection for a single phase of an electrical circuit.

Type B: The RCBO is classified as Type B, offering protection against both AC and pulsating DC residual currents.

30mA Sensitivity: The RCBO has a sensitivity of 30mA, meaning it will trip and disconnect the circuit if a residual current of 30mA or higher is detected.

6kA Breaking Capacity: The RCBO has a breaking capacity of 6kA, enabling it to handle high fault currents and safely interrupt the circuit during a fault event.


Combined Protection: The RCBO provides comprehensive protection by offering both overcurrent and residual current protection in a single unit, streamlining the installation process.

Enhanced Safety: The Type B classification ensures protection against various types of residual currents, including AC and pulsating DC, thereby improving overall electrical safety.

Fault Detection: With a sensitivity of 30mA, the RCBO can promptly detect low-level residual currents, reducing the risk of electric shocks and enhancing safety.

Reliable Performance: The RCBO's 6kA breaking capacity enables it to handle high fault currents effectively, ensuring the circuit is safely disconnected in case of a fault.

Versatile Application: With a 32A rating, the RCBO is suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial installations where higher current loads are present.


The Contactum CCPBR0632AB 32A Single Pole RCBO Type B 30mA 6kA offers a reliable and efficient solution for electrical protection. With its combined overcurrent and residual current protection capabilities, Type B classification, 30mA sensitivity, and 6kA breaking capacity, it ensures enhanced safety and effective circuit disconnection during fault events. Suitable for various applications, this RCBO provides comprehensive protection and peace of mind in electrical installations with higher current loads.


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BS EN 61009