Ansell Eclipse MultiLED - Emergency - 11/14/25W - White
Ansell AECLED/W/CCT/M3 Eclipse MultiLED - Emergency - 11/14/25W - White-2
Ansell Eclipse MultiLED - Emergency - 11/14/25W - White
Ansell AECLED/W/CCT/M3 Eclipse MultiLED - Emergency - 11/14/25W - White-2

Ansell AECLED/W/CCT/M3 Eclipse MultiLED Bulkhead - Emergency - 11/14/25W - CCT 3000K/4000K/6500K White

£108.89 VAT excluded
£130.67 VAT incl.
  • LED wall/ceiling luminaire with adjustable power and light output option
  • One product with integral driver dip-switch
  • Internal CCT selector switch allows the installer to choose the CCT between 3000K, 4000K and 6500K
  • Lumen package options allow retrofit of 28W, 38W or 55W CFL luminaires
  • Flexibility of performance allows suitability for multiple applications
  • Spun aluminium base with dished opal Visiluxe diffuser
  • BESA box fixing versatile mounting options
  • Option of White, Chrome or Satin Chrome housing
  • LED lifespan L70 54,000 hours
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The Ansell AECLED/W/CCT/M3 Eclipse MultiLED Bulkhead is a versatile emergency lighting solution that offers adjustable wattage and color temperature options. Here are the features and benefits of this product:


Adjustable wattage: The Eclipse MultiLED Bulkhead allows you to select the desired wattage output based on your lighting requirements. With wattage options of 11W, 14W, and 25W, you can choose the appropriate level of brightness for your space.

Adjustable colour temperature: This bulkhead offers adjustable colour temperature, allowing you to switch between different options including 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white), and 6500K (cool white). This feature enables you to create the desired lighting ambiance and match the lighting to the environment.

Emergency lighting functionality: The Eclipse MultiLED Bulkhead includes an emergency lighting feature, ensuring that you have illumination during power outages or emergency situations. It provides reliable and efficient emergency lighting to enhance safety and visibility.

MultiLED technology: The bulkhead utilizes MultiLED technology, which combines multiple LEDs in a single fixture. This technology ensures uniform and consistent light distribution, providing balanced illumination across the space.

Durable construction: The Eclipse MultiLED Bulkhead is built with durable materials to withstand demanding environments. It is designed to be resistant to impacts, shocks, and weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Energy-efficient operation: With LED technology, the bulkhead offers energy-efficient lighting solutions. LEDs are known for their low energy consumption, which can result in significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting options.


Versatile lighting options: The adjustable wattage and colour temperature options of the Eclipse MultiLED Bulkhead provide versatility in lighting applications. You can adapt the lighting to various settings, such as commercial buildings, residential complexes, corridors, stairways, and more.

Enhanced safety during emergencies: The emergency lighting feature ensures that there is adequate illumination in case of power outages or emergency situations. This helps to maintain safety and guide occupants to exit routes or emergency exits.

Customizable lighting ambiance: The ability to adjust the colour temperature allows you to create the desired lighting ambiance. Whether you prefer warm and cozy lighting or cool and bright lighting, you can easily tailor the lighting to meet your preferences or the specific requirements of the space.

Long lifespan and low maintenance: LED technology provides a long lifespan for the bulkhead, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This not only saves costs but also minimizes maintenance efforts.

Energy savings: The energy-efficient operation of the Eclipse MultiLED Bulkhead helps to reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills. LEDs consume less energy while providing high-quality illumination, making them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting choice.

Easy installation and integration: The bulkhead is designed for easy installation, making it convenient for retrofit projects or new installations. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing electrical systems or incorporated into new lighting designs.


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