Knightsbridge MR9000 Metal Clad 13A 2G DP Switched Socket

Knightsbridge MR9000 Metal Clad 13A 2G DP Switched Socket

£4.96 VAT excluded
£5.95 VAT incl.
  • Heavy duty metal clad box. Durable powder coated surface.
  • 13A rated
  • Switched sockets
  • Double Pole
  • Twin earth
  • Complete with back box
  • Certified to BS 1363-2
  • Supplied in Knightsbridge polybag
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The Knightsbridge MR9000 Metal Clad 13A 2G DP Switched Socket offers several features and benefits. Here are some of them:

Robust Construction: The socket is built with a metal-clad design, providing a durable and sturdy housing. It offers excellent resistance to impact, wear, and tear, making it suitable for demanding environments such as garages, workshops, industrial settings, and commercial applications where durability is essential.

Dual Functionality: This socket features two 13A plug sockets, allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously. The dual-gang design provides flexibility and convenience for connecting various appliances and equipment.

Double Pole Switching: The DP (Double Pole) switching mechanism ensures that both live and neutral connections are switched off, offering enhanced safety. It provides an extra layer of protection by disconnecting the circuit completely when the switch is turned off, reducing the risk of electrical accidents.

Switched Socket: Each individual socket is equipped with a switch, allowing you to control the power supply to connected devices independently. This feature provides convenience and energy efficiency, enabling you to turn off power to specific appliances or equipment when not in use.

Safe and Reliable: The Knightsbridge MR9000 socket conforms to BS 1363 and BS EN 60950 standards, ensuring high-quality construction and electrical safety. It is designed to meet the required safety regulations, providing peace of mind while using the socket.

Easy Installation: The socket is designed for easy installation and can be used as a direct replacement for standard double sockets. It fits into a standard 25mm back box and comes with clear installation instructions and fixing screws, making it suitable for professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts.

Versatile Application: The MR9000 Metal Clad socket is suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial environments, workshops, garages, sheds, and other areas where a robust and reliable power outlet is required.

Sleek Design: Despite its rugged construction, the socket features a sleek and modern design that complements various settings. The metal-clad finish adds an industrial aesthetic, making it suitable for both functional and stylish installations.

Resistant to Dust and Moisture: The metal-clad construction provides protection against dust and moisture, making the socket suitable for use in challenging environments. It ensures reliable performance and durability even in harsh conditions.

Compatibility: The socket is compatible with a wide range of electrical devices and appliances, allowing you to power various devices with ease. It can accommodate standard 13A plugs commonly used in the UK.

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