Knightsbridge NETSATSWH Screened SAT TV Outlet Module 25 x 50mm - White

Knightsbridge NETSATSWH Screened SAT TV Outlet Module 25 x 50mm - White

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  • Fully screened single satellite F type outlet. Low loss, minimal ingress and negligible module cross talk with excellent matching and isolation.
  • Fully screened to EN 50083-2.
  • Easy cable connections and access.
  • Suitable for cables with 1mm conductor (PF100, H109F, QF100, etc.).
  • Min mounting depth 35mm.
  • Size: 25 x 50mm
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The Knightsbridge NETSATSWH Screened SAT TV Outlet Module 25 x 50mm in White is a component used in electrical installations to provide connectivity for satellite TV systems. Here are the features and benefits of this product:


Screened Outlet Module: The module is designed with screening capabilities, which help to minimize signal interference and improve signal quality for satellite TV transmissions.

Size and Design: With dimensions of 25 x 50mm, the outlet module has a compact size that can fit into standard electrical faceplates or modular systems.

White Finish: The module is finished in white, which is a neutral and commonly used color in electrical installations, blending well with various décor styles.

Easy Installation: The module is designed for simple installation, allowing for quick and hassle-free integration into your electrical system.

Connectivity Options: The outlet module provides connectivity for satellite TV systems, enabling the connection of satellite TV cables and devices.


Improved Signal Quality: The screened design of the module helps to reduce electromagnetic interference, ensuring better signal quality for satellite TV transmissions, resulting in clearer and more reliable reception.

Versatility: The outlet module supports satellite TV systems, providing you with the flexibility to connect and distribute satellite TV signals throughout your home or office.

Aesthetics: The white finish of the module offers a clean and seamless appearance when installed in electrical faceplates or modular systems, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your electrical setup.

Compatibility: The module is designed to be compatible with standard electrical faceplates and modular systems, making it easier to integrate into existing installations or new construction projects.

Convenience: By using the outlet module, you can centralize the satellite TV connections in one location, allowing for easier cable management and organization of your TV setup.


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