Ansell ALHL/PIR/BL Latina Polycarbonate Half Lantern with PIR 42W Black

Ansell ALHL/PIR/BL Latina Polycarbonate Half Lantern with PIR 42W Black

£20.17 VAT excluded
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  • Contemporary IP65 half lantern and resistant to corrosion
  • Textured polycarbonate finish and tinted lens
  • PIR option for convenience and security Incorporates manual override option
  • Colour matching PIR lens cover ensures discreet appearance
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Ansell ALHL/PIR/BL Latina Polycarbonate Half Lantern with PIR 42W Black is a lighting fixture that offers several features and benefits. Here are some of them:


Polycarbonate Construction: The half lantern is constructed with polycarbonate material, which is known for its durability and resistance to impact, weather, and UV rays. This ensures that the lantern can withstand outdoor conditions and maintain its appearance over time.

PIR Sensor: The lantern includes a built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor. This sensor detects motion within its range and automatically triggers the light to turn on, providing enhanced security and convenience.

42W Compatibility: The half lantern is compatible with 42-watt light bulbs, allowing for efficient illumination. It is important to note that the bulb needs to be purchased separately.

Black Finish: The lantern features a black finish, providing a classic and timeless aesthetic that can complement various architectural styles and outdoor settings.

Half Lantern Design: The design of the lantern features a half-cylinder shape, typically mounted on a wall or pillar. This design offers a traditional and decorative look while delivering functional lighting.


Enhanced Security: The built-in PIR sensor adds a layer of security by automatically activating the light when motion is detected. This deters potential intruders and helps illuminate dark areas around the lantern.

Energy Efficiency: By using a 42W light bulb, the lantern provides efficient illumination while minimizing energy consumption. This can result in energy savings and reduced electricity costs.

Durable and Weather-resistant: The polycarbonate construction ensures the lantern's durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and UV rays. It is designed to withstand outdoor environments and maintain its performance over time.

Easy Installation: The lantern is designed for easy installation on walls or pillars, providing a hassle-free setup process. It typically comes with mounting brackets and instructions for a straightforward installation.

Decorative and Versatile Lighting: The half lantern design offers a decorative lighting solution for outdoor spaces. It can be used to illuminate entrances, pathways, patios, gardens, or any other outdoor areas, enhancing the visual appeal of the surroundings.


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