Deligo DGB25 2 Gang (1+1G) 25mm Dual Metal Flush Box

Deligo DGB25 2 Gang (1+1G) 25mm Dual Metal Flush Box

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  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 2 Gang
  • 2 Gang box with central fixing plate to allow 2x1 gang
  • Accessories to be fitted.
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The Deligo DGB25 2 Gang (1+1G) 25mm Dual Metal Flush Box is a flush-mounted electrical box designed to accommodate two electrical switches or outlets. Here are the potential features and benefits of this product:


Dual Gang Design: The flush box has two gangs, allowing you to install two electrical switches or outlets side by side. It provides a neat and organized solution for wiring multiple devices in a single box.

25mm Depth: The box has a depth of 25mm, providing ample space for accommodating wiring connections and ensuring proper installation of switches or outlets.

Metal Construction: The box is constructed with durable and robust metal material, ensuring its strength and longevity. Metal construction offers better protection against impact and damage compared to plastic boxes.

Flush-Mounted Installation: The box is designed for flush mounting, providing a clean and seamless appearance once installed. It can be recessed into a wall, keeping the switches or outlets level with the wall surface.

Standard Size: The box is designed to accommodate standard-sized switches or outlets, making it compatible with most electrical accessories available in the market.

Knockouts: The box is equipped with pre-formed knockout entries, allowing for easy entry and exit of electrical cables. These knockouts provide flexibility in cable routing and simplify the installation process.


Neat and Professional Appearance: The flush-mounted design of the box ensures a tidy and professional finish. It helps create a sleek and seamless look on the wall, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the electrical installation.

Space-Saving Solution: The dual-gang design allows for the installation of two switches or outlets in a single box, saving space and reducing the number of boxes required. It is particularly useful in areas where multiple electrical devices need to be installed in close proximity.

Durability and Longevity: The metal construction of the box offers durability and longevity. It can withstand physical impacts and provides protection for the enclosed electrical connections.

Versatile Application: The Deligo DGB25 Dual Metal Flush Box is suitable for various residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It can be used in homes, offices, retail spaces, and other environments where electrical switches or outlets are required.

Easy Installation: The box is designed for straightforward installation. It typically includes fixing screws and allows for secure mounting on walls or other surfaces. The pre-formed knockout entries simplify cable entry and ensure efficient wiring.

Compatibility: The standard size and design of the box make it compatible with a wide range of electrical switches and outlets available in the market. It offers versatility in terms of the types of devices that can be installed.


Data sheet

BS 4662

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