Wago 221-413 32A 3 Way Lever Compact Terminal Connector Pack of 50

Wago 221-413 32A 3 Way Lever Compact Terminal Connector

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  • Rated to 32 A/450 V and 105°C maximum continuous operating temperature
  • WAGO 221-413, 221 Series Lever Operated Compact Connectors are for all cable types
  • This new series is 40% smaller and even more user-friendly than its successful predecessor, the 222 Series.
  • WAGO's new 221 Series are tool free connectors for electrical installations allowing for solid, stranded and fine-stranded cables to be connected alot faster, more reliable, minimizing the amount of space in junction boxes
  • Their compact design is 40 % smaller than the 222 Series, and with their transparent housing so you can visually see of the cables are fully in and 3 test ports for easier test points for any Electrician.
  • The 2 (221-412), 3 (221-413) and 5 (221-415) wire connectors accommodate stranded wires, solid and fine-stranded wires up to 4 mm² (2412 AWG)
  • These are ideal to connect different types od cables/sizes together.
  • Tinned bars ensure a permanent, gas-tight and secure wire connection.
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The Wago 221-413 32A 3 Way Lever Compact Terminal Connector is a specific model of terminal connector widely used for electrical connections. The features and benefits of this product can be described as follows:


3 Way Design: The connector has a 3-way design, allowing you to connect up to three electrical wires or conductors together in a single unit.

Lever Operated: It features a lever-operated mechanism that enables easy and tool-free installation. The lever can be opened and closed, securely clamping the wires in place.

Compact Size: The terminal connector has a compact size, making it suitable for use in confined spaces or installations where space is limited.

32A Rating: It has a 32A current rating, indicating its ability to handle electrical currents of up to 32 amperes safely.

Versatility: The Wago 221-413 can be used with a wide range of solid and stranded conductors, accommodating different wire sizes and types.


Time-saving Installation: The lever-operated mechanism simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for tools such as screwdrivers and reducing installation time.

Secure Connections: The lever mechanism ensures a secure and reliable connection by firmly clamping the wires, minimizing the risk of loose or unreliable electrical connections.

Flexibility: The 3-way design allows for the connection of multiple wires or conductors, providing flexibility in wiring configurations and simplifying complex wiring setups.

Space Efficiency: The compact size of the terminal connector enables installations in tight spaces, making it particularly useful in applications where space is at a premium.

Wide Compatibility: The Wago 221-413 is compatible with various types of conductors, providing versatility and ease of use across different electrical installations.


Data sheet

450 V
Cable Size
4 mm²
Surge Voltage
4 kV
UL 1059
Conductor Material
Cable Strip length
Surrounding air temperature (operation)
85 °C
Continuous operating temperature
105 °C
EN 60664