Wago 773-104 24A 4 Way Push-Wire Connector Pack of 100

Wago 773-104 24A 4 Way Push-Wire Connector

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  • Rated to 24A/450 V and 105°C maximum continuous operating temperature
  • Wago 773-104 is a used by pushing the stripped cables into the connector and making the connection to other cable.
  • The transparent housing provides a visible that the cable is secure.
  • There is a test point at the base
  • To remove the Wago connnector simply pull on the cable while twisting the connector block right and left.
  • The 773-104 can then be reused.
  • WAGO's 773 Series are tool free connectors for electrical installations allowing for solid and stranded cables to be connected alot faster, more reliable, minimizing the amount of space in junction boxes
  • The 2 (773-102), 4 (773-104), 6 (773-105) and 8 (773-108) wire connectors accommodate solid and stranded wires up to 2.5mm² (20-16AWG)
  • These are ideal to connect different types of cable sizes together
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The Wago 773-104 24A 4-Way Push-Wire Connector is a reliable and efficient electrical connector used for connecting multiple wires together. Here are its features and benefits:

Push-Wire Connection: The connector utilizes a push-wire connection mechanism, eliminating the need for traditional screw terminals. It allows for quick and tool-free wire insertion, saving installation time and effort.

Easy Wiring Process: With the push-wire connection, wiring becomes a simple and straightforward process. The connector features internal spring-loaded clamps that securely hold the wires in place, ensuring a reliable and durable connection.

4-Way Configuration: The 773-104 connector has a 4-way configuration, allowing for the connection of up to four wires. It enables the consolidation of multiple wire connections into a single connector, reducing the need for additional connectors or terminals.

Secure and Vibration-Proof Connection: The connector provides a secure and vibration-proof connection between wires. The spring-loaded clamps maintain constant pressure on the wires, preventing accidental disconnections due to vibrations or movement.

High Current Rating: The 773-104 connector has a high current rating of 24A, making it suitable for a wide range of electrical applications. It can handle higher currents without compromising the connection integrity or causing overheating.

Compact Design: The connector has a compact and space-saving design. Its small size allows for installation in tight spaces or crowded electrical boxes, optimizing the use of available space.

Versatile Application: The 773-104 connector is suitable for various electrical installations, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It can be used for connecting lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, junction boxes, and other electrical devices.

Wide Wire Range Compatibility: The connector is designed to accommodate a wide range of wire sizes, from solid to stranded wires. It supports wire sizes ranging from 0.5mm² to 2.5mm² (20-12 AWG), providing flexibility in wire selection.

Reusable and Maintenance-Free: The connector is reusable, allowing for easy removal and reinstallation of wires if needed. It does not require any maintenance or special tools, simplifying future wiring modifications or repairs.

Reliable and Durable: The Wago brand is known for its high-quality and reliable electrical connectors. The 773-104 connector is manufactured to meet rigorous industry standards, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

In summary, the Wago 773-104 24A 4-Way Push-Wire Connector offers a convenient and efficient solution for connecting multiple wires together. Its push-wire connection mechanism, high current rating, and compact design make it suitable for various electrical applications. With its secure and vibration-proof connection, wide wire range compatibility, and reusable nature, it provides reliable and hassle-free wire connections. The connector's reliability, durability, and adherence to industry standards make it a trusted choice for electricians and installers.


Data sheet

450 V
Cable Size
Surge Voltage
4 kV
Conductor Material
Cable Strip length
Surrounding air temperature (operation)
EN 60664